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I am now offering my mediumship study programme in modular form spread across 3 modules to make it even more affordable and accessible.  The three modules can be purchased one at a time which allows greater flexibility for the student in how they complete the programme.


The Course in Mediumship Study Programme was launched in 2014 and is designed to teach the theoretical foundations of mediumship and how to develop and practice it to a high standard.  It is a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of mediumship from a highly knowledgeable and experienced tutor at an affordable cost no matter where in the world you live.


Programme Content


The core programme provides some 67 hours of detailed tuition via videos and supporting tutorials watched in your own time.  It is run by the UK Academy of Mediumship and is taught by myself, Martin Twycross CSNU, an Approved Tutor of the respected Arthur Findlay College in the UK.


The study programme will benefit those at all levels from beginner to advanced and the core programme comprises:


• 15 video classes from the highly regarded 'A Course in Mediumship' series which give a

comprehensive understanding of the theory of mediumship


• 15 tutorials to accompany each video to provide further practical applications of the

teachings and related exercises, and answer questions or queries related to each video


• Discussion Forum and Closed Facebook Group for support and networking


There is also an optional Special Module on healing, inspiration and trance which provides an additonal 23 hours of teaching.


Modules and Costs


The Course in Mediumship Study Programme comprises three core modules on evidential mediumship plus a Special Module as follows:


Module 1 - Foundations of Mediumship

Module 2 - Mechanics of Mediumship

Module 3 - Working With Mediumship

Special Module - Healing, Inspiration & Trance


Each module comprises 5 core videos and 5 supporting tutorials delivered as video downloads for purchasers to watch in their own time.  The 5 core videos in each module can be also be provided as DVDs (rather than video downloads) for an additional cost of £15 per module plus shipping costs.


The cost of the modules is £100 each and a discount of £30 is available if all Modules 1 to 3 are purchased at the same time.  If you have already purchased some of the videos used in this programme then discounts of up to £11 per video are available for each video or DVD already purchased.


Completion of Modules 1 to 3 allows subscribers to apply for a certificate of completion of the Course in Mediumship Study Programme.


For more details of the Programme click on the Programme Detail menu tabs and to purchase modules, please click on Shop tab

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Study Programme Available in Modular Form


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Special Module on Healing, Inspiration & Trance - Now Available


The Special Module is now available to purchase and covers guides & helpers, spirit inspiration, spiritual healing, trance mediumship and trance healing.  It comprises over 23 hours of teaching via 5 core videos and 5 associated tutorials.  It costs £100 and can be purchased from the Shop.