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Details of the Course in Mediumship Study  Programme

This is a unique opportunity to participate in my innovative online and home study programme and gain a comprehensive understanding of mediumship from a highly knowledgable and experienced tutor at an affordable cost no matter where in the world you live.  I know of no other teaching programme about mediumship that is as comprehensive as this one or offers the developing medium such detailed and methodical guidance.


Programme Tutor


The programme has been developed and will be taught by myself, Martin Twycross.  I am an experienced medium and teacher and I have been teaching students in person and online for many years.  I am an Approved Tutor of the prestigious Arthur Findlay College where I have undertaken the majority of my training.


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Aims of the Programme


The main aim of this programme is to provide high quality teachings to the widest possible audience with as few barriers to access as possible.   In developing this programme, I am seeking to share all of the knowledge I have accumulated about mediumship in a logical and structured way, at affordable cost and in a flexible programme.  


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Structure of the Programme


The entire programme has been structured around two main elements comprising videos and accompanying tutorial classes.  There is also a Discussion Forum and a Closed Facebook Group to provide support and networking opportunities.


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Programme Modules


The study programme comprises three progressive modules on evidential mediumship as follows:


Module 1 - Foundations of Mediumship

Module 2 - Mechanics of Mediumship

Module 3 - Working With Mediumship


There is also an optional Special Module on Healing Inspiration and Trance. The modules can be purchased individually although it is recommended to do Modules 1 to 3 in order.  


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Technical Requirments


The programme will be delivered via downloads of audio and video recordings. Purchasers also have access to a Dicussion Forum and a Closed Facebook Group.


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Programme and Module Costs


The programme is spread across 4 modules which can be purchased separately at any time so that the costs of the programme can spread out to aid affordability.  Each Full Module costs £100 each whilst.  There is a discount of £20 if Modules 1 to 3 are purchased as a package.  There is an option to receive the main course videos as DVDs for an additional cost and customers who have already purchased the videos used in this programme can receive a discount.


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Purchasers of Modules 1 to 3 are eligible to apply for certification subject to certain criteria being met.  For more details about applying for a certificate of completion click here


Purchasing the Programme


The Modules can be purchased directly from the shop by clicking here


If you would like to claim a discount for prior purchases, or purchase the course videos as DVDs or ask any other question about the programme, please contact me using the the form on the Contact Me page. I can then send a tailored Paypal invoice for your purchase.