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Purpose of the Programme

My Aims in Developing This Programme


My aim with this programme is to provide high quality teachings to the widest possible audience with as few barriers to access as possible. Historically, some teachers have restricted access to knowledge or made it available to only a limited number of people, sometimes for large sums of money. I believe that the spirit world would like all developing mediums to have access to high quality teaching without the barriers of time, location or high cost preventing access.


In developing this programme, I am seeking to share the knowledge I have accumulated about mediumship in a logical and structured way and at affordable cost.  I wish to do this in the sincere desire that it will benefit you in your development. I know of no other teaching programme about mediumship that is as comprehensive as this one or offers the developing medium such detailed and methodical guidance.


Purpose of the Programme


I believe that the best foundation for mediumship is a solid grounding and understanding of the theory of mediumship.  I have therefore developed this comprehensive and intensive study programme to allow people to really understand all about mediumship and the theory behind it.   The programme is designed to give all members access to a large amount of teaching on what mediumship is, how it functions, how to develop it and how to do it to a high standard.


Why a Study Programme?


The programme has grown from my video series titled ‘A Course in Mediumship’ which I began developing 5 years ago and have been updating and refining since then.  The videos provide a very comprehensive course on the theory of mediumship and customer feedback on the videos has been very positive.  However, many people have asked for a more structured programme to work through the content of the videos, to better understand the teachings, to answer questions and to give guidance on how the teachings can be put into practice.  This programme is the result of those requests.


Why Not a Personal Mentoring Programme?


From my teaching experience, the vast majority of problems that developing mediums encounter at different stages of their development journey will be covered in detail in this programme.


People can spend large sums of money on private tuition and mentoring, thinking that it will be the best form of teaching.  From my own private tuition sessions, I find that the majority of what students ask about is already covered in detail in my video series titled ‘A Course in Mediumship’. I believe it would give them a better understanding and be more cost effective for them to follow the programme rather than have private tuition.  I therefore believe that working through this study programme in a progressive and structured manner is a lot more effective than personal mentoring or private tuition alone.


Finally, mentorship programmes only allow a limited number to access the tutor's teachings, whereas this programme makes my knowledge available to everyone .