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Structure and Elements of the Programme

Structure of the Programme


The study programme has two key elements comprising:


• Course in Mediumship videos

• Course in Mediumship Tutorials (Both Module Packages)


Course in Mediumship Videos


The main element of the course is the 20 videos on mediumship from the ‘A Course in Mediumship’ video series.   These classes and their order comprise:


Module 1 - Foundations of Mediumship

• Spiritual Development

• Psychic Development

• Class 1 - Introduction to Mediumship

• Class 2 – Building Power and Sitting for Spirit

• Class 3 – Connecting to Spirit


Module 2 - Mechanics of Mediumship

• Class 4 – Mechanics of Mediumship

• Class 5 – Structure of a Contact

• Class 6 – Evidence

• Mediumship and the Mind

• Class 7 – Finding Your Recipient


Module 3 - Working With Mediumship

• Class 8 – Managing Problems within Mediumship

• Class 9 – Ethics and Responsibilities of Mediumship

• Class 10 – Private Sittings

• Class 11 – Platform Skills

• Class 12 – Prayer, Philosophy and the Address


Special Module on Healing, Inspiration & Trance

• Guides and Helpers

• Working With Spirit Inspiration

• Spiritual Healing

• Trance Mediumship

• Trance Healing


Purchasers will be able to download the videos and will be expected to watch each video ahead of the associated tutorial.  To view the detailed contents of these videos, click here


Course in Mediumship Tutorials


The second key element is a series of 20 online tutorials, with each one being about the topic of the associated video.  The tutorials are designed to complement the videos and will look more at the practical application of the theory presented as well as answer multiple questions raised in relation to the videos.  The tutorials are video recordings of online classes and each typically lasts about 2 hours.  The tutorials seek to:


• Reinforce the key teaching points of each video

• Look at how the teachings can be practically applied to your mediumship

• Provide supporting exercises for members to work with (where appropriate)

• Answer commonly asked questions relating to the video content


Each module will include the 5 tutorials associated with the 5 main mediumship videos.  These will be provided as video and audio downloads but are not available as physical DVDs.


Additional Programme Benefits


Purchasers will also be given access to the following for support:


• Membership of the Course in Mediumship Discussion Forum


• Membership of the Course in Mediumship Facebook Group (Closed Group)